Arts and crafts for kids

This page connects you with arts and crafts activities for kids.

World Book Activity Corner

Logo of Activity CornerDiscover thousands of projects you can do. There are activities for all levels from beginner to expert. All projects have clear instructions, photographs and illustrations.

Christchurch classes and courses

Want to learn how to do arts and crafts? Groups are a great way to find out how. Search CINCH, our Community Information Christchurch database, for arts, crafts and hobbies groups for children.

KidsFest takes place in the winter school holidays in July and it has some cool arts and crafts sessions.

Holiday programmes often have arts and crafts sessions — try the Christchurch Learning Centres’ Holiday programmes.

We also have pages on Māori kites and weaving.

Books at the library

Cover: Let's make more Do you want to make something fun? There are lots of books at Christchurch City Libraries to get you drawing, painting, cartooning, puppet making, knitting, sewing and more.

General craft books with a mixture of craft activities including painting, drawing, and collage.
Learn how to paint step-by-step.
Learn how to draw animals, cars, superheroes and more.
Copy some cartoon styles or make up your own.
Puppet making
Make your own puppets of all shapes and sizes.
Origami and paper craft
Cover of The Kids' Knitting NotebookLearn how to fold paper to make animals, boxes, decorations and more.
Rubber band craft
Make bracelets, charms and all sorts of cool creations with rubber bands.
Create your own jerseys, scarves and more.
Make your own clothes and gifts for special occasions.


There are lots of websites that can help you with arts and crafts. Here are some we think you might like.

Arts and Crafts for Kids
Ideas for using clay and dough, doing collage, drawing tips and costumes for you to make at home.
Craft ideas and colouring sheets to print off or colour online.
Creative Junk
Rethink, re-use and recycle to make wearable arts and all sorts of other fun projects.
Disney Family Crafts
Hundreds of Disney-inspired art and craft ideas for kids of all ages including holiday and seasonal crafts, decorations and more.
Enchanted Learning
Themed crafts for kids. Learn how to make things for Mother’s Day, Halloween, Christmas and school projects about Dinosaurs, Animals and Space.
Nickelodeon Parents - Crafts
Things to make featuring your favourite Nick Jr. characters including Dora and Diego.
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