Saint Patrick’s day for kids

Saint Patrick’s Day is on March 17th and has become the day when people around the world celebrate Irish culture. He is the Catholic patron saint of Ireland and often associated with symbols of Ireland such as the shamrock and the colour green.

Who was Saint Patrick?

Patrick was an Englishman who was captured as a boy by pirates and sold into slavery in Ireland. He managed eventually to escape and made his way to France where he studied to become a priest. When he was made a bishop he was sent back to Ireland to spread the Christian faith among the tribes there.

One story tells of Patrick getting rid of all the snakes in Ireland by praying. A more likely story is how he explained the Christian belief of the Trinity or the idea that God is three in one - God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit - by using a shamrock with its three parts. The shamrock is now the emblem of Ireland.

Some people believe that Saint Patrick died on 17 March, 460 AD. Saint Patrick's Day is celebrated around the world, wherever people of Irish descent live.

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