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Free downloadable eBook and eAudiobook collection containing thousands of fiction and non-fiction titles for adults, young adults and children.

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Key features

OverDrive is a free digital media platform which allows you to download eBooks and eAudiobooks. Titles include fiction and non-fiction items for adults, young adults and children. We regularly add new material. Recently we added material in other languages including eBooks in Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Tagalog.

By downloading and installing the free software you can use your library card and password / PIN to:

  • Download up to ten fiction and non-fiction titles from home at any time;
  • Place a hold on up to ten titles;
  • Renew some titles three days before they are due to expire with a renew icon appearing next to the title on your Bookshelf under your library account;
  • Transfer eBook titles to your computer or portable devices such eBook readers and smartphones;
  • Transfer audio titles to your computer or portable devices such as an MP3 player or iPod;
  • Burn some audio book titles to disc;
  • Avoid late fees — the items self expire or you can check in eBooks early if you have finished with them;
  • Buy some titles to keep.

OverDrive eBooks are compatible with most eBook readers and mobile devices except the Kindle Reader and app. The Kindle Fire Tablets are fine. Please check compatibility from the lists below.

More information

If you did not find a title you liked try our other eBook platforms. These include Wheelers which contains New Zealand material and Askews which contains more British material. OverDrive also includes a "recommend" feature that is located at the bottom of search results. Our library selectors will look at your recommendations and decide if the title should be added.

If you are looking for eBook and audio content for younger ones OverDrive also provides:

OverDrive includes a number of eBooks in Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Tagalog. Sign up to our Digital email newsletter to find out about new OverDrive titles and developments in our other digital collections.

Our lists of the latest titles:

App information

An Overdrive app is available for iOS (Apple) from the App Store, and Android from Google Play.

Computing help at your library

Several of our libraries offer computer drop-in sessions — check the events calendar for times and locations.

A range of programmes to help you become more comfortable with technology and to make better use of your own computer tools are also available at our Learning Centres.