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Libby - the OverDrive app

Borrow thousands of eBooks, eAudiobooks and eMagazines, all available on your mobile device by downloading the Libby app.


eBook and eAudiobook collection containing thousands of fiction and non-fiction titles for adults, young adults and children.

OverDrive for Teens

eBook and eAudiobook collection containing thousands of fiction and nonfiction titles for teens.

OverDrive for kids

Free eBook and downloadable eAudiobook collection containing thousands of fiction and nonfiction titles for children.

Getting started on OverDrive

Borrow ebooks, and audiobooks, to read on your phone or tablet using the Libby app, opens a new window by OverDrive. Our OverDrive collection contains thousands of fiction and non-fiction titles for adults, young adults and children. We also have  eBooks in Chinese, Korean, Italian Japanese and Tagalog.

You can browse our OverDrive collection, opens a new window of ebooks and audiobooks, on your computer through the website or via the Libby app.

Using Overdrive you can:

  • Borrow up to 30 titles from home at any time;
  • Place a hold on up to ten titles;
  • Use on a mobile device using Libby app;
  • Download titles and read or listen to offline;
  • Transfer titles to eReaders (except kindle) or MP3 players or iPod.
  • Avoid late fees — the items self expire or you can return items early if you have finished with them.

OverDrive eBooks are compatible with most eBook readers and mobile devices except the Kindle Reader and app. The Kindle Fire Tablets are fine. Devices compatible with Libby.

OverDrive FAQs

  • No.
    The Kindle eReader does not support eBooks from either OverDrive (including the Libby app) or Wheelers.

    However the Kindle Fire tablet is compatible with our eBook platforms using an eReader app.

  • To download digital titles, you need:

    • A Windows or Mac computer or mobile device;
    • Free digital media software available from the OverDrive site;
    • Access to the internet;
    • Your library card and password / PIN.

    Internet access is needed to browse, check out, and download titles. After download, enjoy a digital title without being connected to the Internet.

  • The Libby app is a new, one-tap reading app for borrowing eBooks and eAudiobooks from your library. This free app, created by OverDrive, is available for Android, iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod touch), and Windows 10 devices.

    1. Install the Libby app from your device’s app store.
    2. Open the app and find your library. You can search by library name, city, or zip code.
    3. Browse your library’s collection and borrow a title. When prompted, sign in.
      You’ll need a valid library card to complete this step.
    4. Borrowed titles appear on your Shelf and download to the app automatically so you can read them when you’re offline. From your Shelf, you can tap Start Reading or Start Listening to open a title.

    Download the Libby app

    • Libby’s minimum iOS version is now iOS 10. To use Libby on an iOS device, users are required to update their device’s operating system to iOS 10 or newer. These are the steps to update your iOS operating system version.
    • The legacy OverDrive for Mac desktop app is only supported on macOS versions 10.12.1 through 10.14.

    Users on legacy web browsers may experience issues loading libbyapp.com or your OverDrive website and should upgrade to a newer browser version, if possible.

    For more information and troubleshooting tips, check out Libby Help and OverDrive Help.

  • No, but you can receive notifications when a new issue is available on Libby. How do I set up an alert for a new magazines on Libby?


  • At this time, OverDrive are only planning to add the article view feature to Libby.

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