The chameleon reader

Roberta AWF

I am a chameleon reader. This is someone who takes on the personality of a character in their current read. In other words, a person who has porous boundaries between their real and their imaginary worlds. The person most affected by this is my husband - who has taken to tentatively entering the house at […]

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The Girl Before : JP Delaney

The Girl before

Have you ever wanted to unclutter your life? The Girl Before Jane wants to start life over; a clean slate. Emma, the girl before, wants to be rid of not just "the clutter from our past...but the stuff we carry around inside our heads." Like a lesson on the Japanese art of tidying, the house at […]

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Kids’ Books newsletter

Girl reading in a chair made of books

Whether you're looking for something educational, creative or fantastical, our latest Kids' Books newsletter has titles that will excite young minds and foster a love of reading. Be first in the know: subscribe to receive the newsletter directly in your inbox. Included in this month's newsletter are:   For more great reads for kids, check out our […]

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Roverandom: J. R. R. Tolkien


I thought I'd read all of Tolkien's works. I even have the Children of Hurin. Then I discovered this little gem. Roverandom Written for children, Roverandom is the story of a naughty little dog and a grumpy old wizard. When the Wizard takes his ball, Roverandom bites him on the bottom and... ...Roverandom is magicked […]

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Historical Fiction Newsletter

Pocket Watch and book

Tales from ancient times or more recent history - read about the latest historical fiction titles in our monthly newsletter. This month's newsletter includes -   Subscribe to our newsletters and get our latest titles and top picks straight from your inbox.

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Review: Dear Ijeawele

Dea Ijeawele

I first came to Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's work via The Thing Around Your Neck. I like short story collections for discovering new authors because there's so much less commitment -- I read a couple of stories and if I like them I continue; if not, I've only lost a few minutes of my time. The former, […]

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Sergeant Henry James Nicholas V.C., M.M

Statue of Sgt Henry Nicholas, VC

He was a carpenter, a sportsman - a boxer - went to Christchurch Normal School (local boy), his photos show a nice face, and he wasn't married. Just an ordinary kiwi bloke, maybe. But he did extraordinary things. Henry Nicholas enlisted in February 1916 with the 1st Canterbury Battalion, and landed in France in September 1916. With his Regiment was […]

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Flip Grater – On food, music and parenting

Flip Grater

Singer-songwriter Flip Grater, Christchurch born and raised, is back 'on stage' after a hiatus from performing since the birth of her first child. We catch up with Flip to coincide with her gig appearance at Blue Smoke with fellow Cantabrian-bred Andrew Keoghan, as part of his Something Going On Tour promoting his latest album Every […]

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Podcast – Discussing Autism

Christchurch City Libraries blog hosts a series of regular podcasts from New Zealand's only specialist human rights radio show Speak up - Kōrerotia. This show is created by Sally Carlton. Broadcast during Autism Awareness Week, this panel discussion touches on the following topics - Part I: What is Autism Spectrum Disorder? What do we know about the […]

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The magic word ‘Anzac’

On 25 April we will stop to remember those who served in the conflicts New Zealand has participated in, from the world wars to Iraq and Afghanistan, via Korea, Vietnam and others, and not forgetting New Zealand’s 19th century wars and the Boer War. There is much to remember, and this year the focus will […]

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