Serial killers

Face facts, life has bad patches. I'm in one right now: post Italy holiday blues; Skype meltdowns in the middle of calls to the grandies; and Pneumonia. Time was I would have bounced back from all of this, but now it feels more like I am seeping . Seep-back requires that you do nothing. This is […]

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The 12 sounds of Christmas

December is here and it's time to make merry! Break out the ugly Christmas shirts, decorate the house and surrounds, start thinking about that all-conquering Christmas lunch, and sing a happy tune - but which tune...? Here are some ideas to give you the soundtrack of seasonal festivity that you deserve! 🙂 The 12 Sounds […]

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Best Reads 2017

What books have you loved this year? The following lists bring together the cream of the crop of 2017’s books – from the picks of our staff and customers, to the lists published by magazines, newspapers and booksellers. Have your say! Best books for kids and teens Staff Pickles select their top reads/watches/listens Staff and […]

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A natural quartet

I've recently been delving into some "recreational non-fiction" reading! Recreational non-fiction is what you might call stories based on fact that read as easily as a novel. This can be particularly true of memoir or biographies, and I've come across four such titles that I would like to recommend to you, the Christchurch reading public! […]

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A Month of Winners!

Don't you love it when you unexpectedly stumble onto a run of truly great reads...?? October was a massive month for me behind the pages and it revealed some amazing and varied titles; one of which was a Man Booker Prize shortlisted debut novel (which would've been a worthy winner IMHO), another was an account […]

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The Changeover: Girls with big hair, saving people

The film adaptation of The Changeover premiered in Christchurch a few weeks ago, and is now screening in cinemas across the country. If you haven't yet encountered this melting pot of red-zone Christchurch, subtle romance and sinister magic, I highly recommend watching the movie and reading the novel it was loosely based on. It's a measure of how well-loved the […]

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