A tank engine that travels: Thomas comes to New Zealand

Memories are funny things, aren't they? If you asked me what I did yesterday, I would probably stare at you blankly while I tried to remember, and whenever I ask the kids what they want for lunch, I've usually forgotten before I've even made it to the kitchen.

But there are some things I never forget. Like my Johnny Morris Railway Stories LPs, which Mum bought for me from the World Record Club. I can remember everything about them. The pictures on the record covers (Thomas winking cheekily as he passed Gordon and giggling as he crashed into a snow drift) the opening lines of The Sad Story of Henry (There once was an engine attached to a train, who was afraid of a few drops of rain...) and more than anything, the sound of Johnny Morris' voice. He had a different voice for every engine, and made such wonderful sound effects! I wish you could hear the picata-pocata picata-pocata of Terence the Tractor's caterpillar tracks, which I can hear in my head right now!

I just loved Thomas the Tank Engine, and what kid doesn't? Of course, my kids have gotten too big to listen to Thomas stories, but Miss Missy still has her treasured wooden Thomas in her box of toys that are too precious to put away in the attic.

So you can imagine how excited I was to see that the latest Thomas book which will be arriving soon at the library is Thomas Comes to New Zealand! I'm sure this a big, sturdy board book will soon be a favourite with young Thomas fans. How wonderful for Kiwi kids to be able to read a Thomas story set here at home! Now, I'll admit I'm a bit of a purist. I do tend to prefer the original Awdry books than the newer versions. But this is a fun little story about a trip down to this country of ours, and it's lovely to see our country through Thomas's eyes. The illustrations of familiar New Zealand places are really sweet, even Christchurch gets a mention!

I took the book home to show the kids: the Young Lad thought it was "cool!" while Miss Missy wondered how Thomas got to the stadium without his tracks. I imagine Terence gave him a helping hand--his caterpillar tracks can take him anywhere! Maybe this is a first of many journeys round the world for Thomas? I'd like to se where he ends up next!

If you have a little train fan in your house, once you've read this one, maybe you'd like to try one from my list?

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