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A set of images of local bookshops in Canterbury Stories

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A set of images of books and reading in Canterbury Stories

NZ Bookshop Day

The first NZ Bookshop Day was in 2015 when Booksellers realised that the narrative around bookshop and book industry health had become negative and needed to change. Local bookshops have become community centres and attract customers back to bricks and mortar retail supporting their neighbourhoods. NZ Bookshop Day celebrates those achievements and welcomes readers back inside their local bookshop

NZ Bookshop Day 2022 is on Saturday 8 October.

Information on NZ Bookshop Day from Booksellers Aotearoa New Zealand.

NZ Bookshop Day Saturday 8 October 2022

Tomorrow Saturday 8 October is NZ Bookshop Day. This annual event has been going since 2015. It's the most booky day of the year!

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