New Zealanders in World War 2 – American Invasion

The war at home: The American Invasion

Bevan, D. United States forces in New Zealand, 1942-1945
Appendix 1: lists of Marine Corps divisions in New Zealand and notes on troop movements.
Bioletti, H. The Yanks are coming
Appendix A: Marine Corps units in New Zealand; Appendix B: Army units in New Zealand; Appendix E: Camps and stores used by Americans.
Ellis, J. A string of pearls: stories from US marines & New Zealand women remembering WWII, 2006
Reminiscences of American servicemen who spent time in New Zealand, covering relaxation, romance, recuperation and food. Recollections of New Zealand women who spent time with the Americans: Dawn Colebourne, Eileen Lynch, Gurtha Stringer, Margaret Smith, Kevin and Marlene Hindman, Joan Lowe, Joan McGregor, Joan Mitchell, June Hawkins, Jean Jensens, Vienna Soulis, Lorna Brooks, Merle Anderson, Rose Thorpe, Monica Smith, Pamela Rose, Margaret Eaton, Molly Love, Ngaire Green, Pat Turner, Airdre Thorpe, Pam McDonald, Rita Leggett, Gwen Russell, John Francis, Adrienne Howard, May Lubins, Sheila Roberson.
Parr, A. Home: civilian New Zealanders remember the Second World War, 2010
Includes chapter of reminiscences about American servicemen in New Zealand.
Phillips, J. Brief encounter: American forces and the New Zealand people
Illustrated essay. Each chapter begins with two pages of text, followed by a series of photographs with detailed captions.

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