New Zealanders in World War 2 – General Histories

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Kay, R.(compl.) Chronology: New Zealand in the war, 1939-1946
Typescript. Day by day notes on New Zealand’s involvement in the war.
Book Cover: New Zealand and the Second World WarMcGibbon, I. New Zealand and the Second World War: the people, the battles and the legacy
Brief but clear and authoritative illustrated account, including maps and chronology. Chapters on: New Zealand goes to war; New Zealand war effort; Backs to the wall; Mediterranean disasters; War in the Pacific; Invasion threat; Defeating Rommel; Solomons campaign; Home Front; Italian setbacks; Victory of Europe; Defeat in Japan; The legacy. Includes brief sections on the role of women, the Maori war effort, prisoners of war, and conscientious objectors.
Pugsley, C. Kiwis in conflict: two centuries of New Zealand at war, 2008

Web sites

Encyclopaedia of New Zealand
1966 Encyclopedia from Te Ara. Useful introductory material, including brief notes on outbreak of war; war against Germany; naval expansion; the Army, with notes on all the major theatres of war; the Airforce (both New Zealanders in the RAF and the RNZAF); war against Japan, including J-Force.

Other sources

Crawford, J.(ed.) Kia Kaha: New Zealand in the Second World War
A collection of articles by academic historians on aspects of the war: New Zealand strategy; the Balkans; the Pacific War; New Zealand airmen; 2nd New Zealand Division; Royal New Zealand Navy; Kippenberger and North Africa; Freyberg; conscientious objectors; National Service Department and manpowering; the Maori war effort; New Zealand and atom bomb; Italy in 1945; the formation of the United Nations.
Filer, D. Home and away: images of New Zealanders in World War II
Contains chapters on sailors, soldiers, airmen, prisoners of war, women in uniform, and the home front.
Filer, D. Kiwis in Khaki: a pictorial history of the New Zealand soldier in World War II
There are chapters on journeys to war; Greece and Crete; North Africa; Solomons; Italy; Going home.
Haworth, J. The art of war: New Zealand war artists in the field 1939-1945, 2007
Looks at war in Mediterranean, North Africa, the Middle East, the Pacific and Europe through the eyes of five commissioned war artists: Peter McIntyre, Austen Deans, Russell Clark, Allan-Barns-Graham and John McIndoe.
Book Cover: New Zealanders at warKing, M. New Zealanders at war
World War 2, pp. 168-276. Includes numerous illustrations.
The outbreak of World War Two
[Information file held in Aotearoa New Zealand Centre on Tuakiri | Identity, Level 2, Tūranga]
Contains copies of newspaper articles from the period.
McGibbon, L.(ed.) The Oxford companion to New Zealand military history
Encyclopaedia of short articles on a range of topics. Those relating to the second World War include: airmen in RAF; conscientious objectors; conscription; Crete; cruisers; D-Day; Egypt; enemy aliens; fighters and bombers, RNZAF; Greece; Home Guard; honours and awards; Italian campaign; Japanese threat; Jayforce; land girls; Long Range Desert Group; Malayan campaign; Maori War Effort Organisation; Maori war effort overseas; NZ Expeditionary Force; North African campaign; official war histories; Pacific war; prisoners of war; refugees; Royal New Zealand Navy; Royal New Zealand Air Force; Singapore strategy; Solomons campaign; transport aircraft; troopships; VE and VJ days; Victoria Cross; war art; war brides; war economy; women and the second world war; women in armed forces.
Book Cover: Everyones warTaylor, D. Everyone’s war: a collection of tales from World War II
Reminiscences, including brief biography of each contributor: Dorothy Anderson, Don Bellamy, Bill Bendall, Don Brash, Borothy Bullen, Charles Delworth, Bob Dunlop, Joy Eccles, Larry Fake, Marie Fletcher, John Fordham, Len and Jean Frances, Gerry Gerrard, David Giles, George Grant, David Harrop, Gwen Herbert, Roy Herbert, Bill Hewitt, George Hodgson, Dave Howlett, Reg Hull, Kathleen Hurley, Alec Hutchinson, Margaret Hutchinson, James Keenan, Ray Kennedy, Brad Lambert, Albert Larsen, Iris Latham, Allan McLachlan, Ron Mells, Dennis Miles, Hugh Moss, Clarrie Parker, Joan Peterson, Jack Pringle, Norm Quinlan, Mary Reeve, John Richards, Lorna Sinclair, Joan Sole, Jack Stafford, Coralie Sorley, Don Taylor, Hugh Tucker, Shelagh Tucker, Peter Wadsworth, John Wall, Marie Wall, Ken Ward, Wally Ware, Norman Webb, Pinter Winter, Margot Wiseman. Contributors include service men and women as well as those experiencing the war at home.
Thomson, J. Warrior nation: New Zealanders at the front, 1900-2000
World War II, pp. 147-317. Includes chapters on war in Europe (Greece, Crete, North Africa, Italy); Pacific war; Royal New Zealand Air Force; Royal New Zealand Navy.
Wolfe, R. On active service: New Zealand at war
Ch. 5: World War II. Brief (4 p.) text introduction, then photographs with detailed captions.
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