New Zealanders in World War 2 – Merchant Navy

Hell or high waterAtkinson, N. (ed.) Hell or high water: New Zealand merchant seafarers remember the war, 2005
Interviews with some of the several thousand New Zealanders who served in the Merchant Navy during the war, taking part in the Battle of the Atlantic, on convoys to Russia and Malta, and on hospital and troop ships. Those interviewed: John Montgomery, Pat O’Shea, John Gregson, Darcy Hoffman, Allan Wyllie, Dan Bashall, Dewi Browne, Cliff Turner, Lou Barron, Thor Larsen, Steve Carey, Jim Blundell. Introduction: New Zealand seafarers at war, by Neill Atkinson, pp. 22-53.
Davey, J. They Also Served: The Merchant Navy and Its Contribution to Allied Victory, 1945
New Zealand author was a radio officer in the Merchant Navy.


The Merchant Navy in the Second World War
Information from New Zealand History online.
Merchant Navy seafarer looks back
Hear Dan Bashall reflect on some of his wartime experiences.
Life at sea in the Merchant Navy
Hear Les Watson talk about the food and accommodation aboard the Raranga.

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