New Zealanders in World War 2 – Prisoners of war

Inside storiesHutching, M.(ed.) Inside stories: New Zealand prisoners of war remember
Introductory chapter by Ian McGibbon looks at the overall experiences of POWs. Also contains reminsicences by Alan Jones, William Flint, Peter Howden, Robert Campbell, James Jackson, Henry Hickton, Wesley Jack, George Trundle, Eric Gallagher, John Parfitt, George Lochhead, Sydney Scales, John Abel, William Duncan, Eric Osboldstone, Katherine M. Wood of the War Prisoners’ Aid Unit. POW camps in Germany, Italy, Indonesia and Burma are discussed.
Jacobs, S. Fighting with the enemy: New Zealand POWs and the Italian resistance
New Zealand prisoners of war who escaped after Italy’s surrender in September 1943 were often helped by partisans fighting against Italian fascists. Ch. 14: New Zealand priests Fathers Owen Snedden and John Flanagan were part of the Vatican underground which hid over 3000 escaped Allied prisoners during the Rome Occupation.
McGill, D. P.O.W: the untold stories of New Zealanders as prisoners of war
Each chapter contains a brief introduction by the author and then recollections of POWs. Includes prisoners in all theatres of war: North Africa, Europe, Italy, Germany, Japan, China, Singapore, Indonesia, Thai-Burma railway, Burma.
Mason, W.W. Prisoners of war
Official war history. Read an online edition of this book at NZETC New Zealand Official War Histories.

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New Zealand Prisoners of War
Contains information and photographs of New Zealand soldiers experience of capture, incarceration and liberation from New Zealand History Online.
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