New Zealanders in World War 2 – Psychological Impact

Resources that discuss the psychological impact of war on service personnel and their families.

McLeod, J. Myth & reality: the New Zealand soldier in World War II
Analyses the weaknesses and failures of New Zealand soldiers, as well as their successes. Examines their attitudes to death, killing, discipline, leadership, and the impact of war on New Zealand society and culture.
Parr, A. Home: civilian New Zealanders remember the Second World War, 2010
Includes discussion of the psychological impact of the war on returning servicemen.
Parr, A. Silent casualties: New Zealand’s unspoken legacy of the Second World War
Outlines psychiatric disorders suffered by thousands of veterans. Includes interviews with seven veterans about the pain of their post-war lives and the impact this had on their families.
Raftery, J. He never talked a great deal: the experience of partners and children of World War Two veterans
A survey of veterans and their families to uncover the on-going effect of war on family life and the extent of post-traumatic stress disorder.

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