Diamond Harbour Library re-opening 18 December

The Diamond Harbour Hall and Library has been closed for approximately five weeks for a complete re-cladding. The entire building will be open for business on Thursday 18 December.

The building was closed as a precaution after its cladding was identified as a type that may contain asbestos. There has since had several positive samples which show a small amount of asbestos around the building and a pile of asbestos panelling beneath the building. Work started on Monday 10 November to decontaminate the site and remove the asbestos.

Diamond Harbour Library users were asked to return any items to an alternate library and will not incur overdue fines over this period if the item was taken out prior to the closure of the library. The nearest is Lyttelton Library. Customers with reserved items have been contacted to arrange alternate pickup locations.

We apologise for the inconvenience caused to the Diamond Harbour community.