New Zealanders in World War 2 – Greece and Crete

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Wright, M. A near-run affair: New Zealanders in the battle for Crete
A useful introduction which offers a straightforward illustrated account. Maps, references and a bibliography are included.

Other sources

Cox, G. A tale of two battles
Author was Freyberg’s intelligence officer. One of the two battles described is Crete.
Damer, S. On the run: ANZAC escape and evasion in enemy-occupied Crete
Appendix 1: Summary of major escapes and evacuations from Crete, 1941-3. Appendix 2: Roll of ANZAC escapers and evaders from Crete, 1941-3, pp. 249-263. Appendix 3: Alphabetical lists of all known ANZAC evaders and escapers from Crete, 1941-3, pp. 264-274.
Davin, D. Crete
Official war history. Read an online edition of this book at NZETC New Zealand Official War Histories
Ewer, P. Forgotten ANZACs: The Campaign in Greece, 1941, 2008
Follows the ANZACs on their long retreat through Greece.
Grace, P. Ned & Katina: a true love story, 2009
Ned Nathan served in Crete with the Māori Battalion. After being wounded, he was sheltered by the family of Katina Papandonakis. Eventually they married in Crete and returned to New Zealand to live a long and happy life together.
McClymont, W.G. To Greece
Official war history. Read an online edition of this book at NZETC New Zealand Official War Histories
McConnell, L. Galatas 1941: courage in vain
Appendix 2: New Zealanders killed in and around Galatas, 20-26 May 1941, pp. 231-4; members of C and D Companies, 23rd Battalion, pp. 234-9.
Simpson, T. Operation Mercury: the battle for Crete, 1941, 1981
Stand for New Zealand: voices from the Battle of Crete
Consists of interviews and letters: E.J. McAra; D.J. Campbell; J.E. Bishop; W.J. Begg; P.R. Blunden; G.L. Cross; R.H. Davison; B.T. Dynes; R.W. Le Valliant; R.M. Miller; A.G. Noonan; A.T. Roberts; B.W. Roberts; H.S. Sandford; M.A.H. Sim; W.A. Queree; A.R. Tucker; L.V. Walters; A.T. Watson; B.W. Sprott; H.L. Stove; T.M. D’Auvergne; F.P. Koorey; R.F.J.E. Anderson.
Taaffe, B. The gatekeepers of Galatas: the untold story, 2007
Thompson, P. ANZAC Fury: The Bloody Battle of Crete 1941, 2010.
A unique sort of battle: New Zealanders remember Crete
Interviews with: Bert Dyson; Roy Coates; Haddon Donald; Jim Thompson; John Blackie; Peter Wildey; Denis Sampson; Jo Adamson; Allan Robinson; Patira Edwards; Ted Martin-Smith; Colin Burn; Cyril Crosland; Norm Delaney; Ned Nathan.

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