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The Scientific American Archive covers issues from 1845 to 2015.

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Scientific American, a magazine that has been reporting on unique insights and developments in science and technology since 1845.


Please note: this archive provides access to issues up until the end of 2015. Issues from January 2016 onward can be found through Publications Finder.

Key Features

Readers have for decades used Scientific American for a deeper understanding of how science and technology shape our future.  Every month the magazine featured cutting edge articles by scientists, many of who are Nobel Prize winners and top scientific journalists. The online archive of this publication is divided into a number of sections:

  •  2006 - Current – (Please note we only have access up until December 2015);
  •  1993-2005 – Improvements in medical care including the treatment of Parkinson’s disease, MRI and PET brain images;
  •  1948-1992 - Witness the Apollo 11 astronauts walk on the moon, the creation of the transistor and the origins of computing;
  •  1910-1947 – Track Halley’s Comet or witness the invention of florescent lamps and nuclear fission;
  •  1845-1909 – Hear about the erection of the Statue of Liberty, the Wright’s brothers flight at Kitty Hawk, the opening of the new Tower Bridge in London and the invention of the telephone by Alexander Graham Bell;
  •  Special Issues – Magazines concentrating on one particular scientific topic;
  •  Supplement Issues (1876-1921) Highlights mechanics and pure science and Builders Edition (1885-1905) features original photographs and floor plans of houses and buildings from around the World;
  •  Scientific American Mind (published every two months) focuses on the science of what makes humans, “human”. In every issue authors explore issues in mind, behaviour and brain research. From this archive you have access to issues from 2004 on wards.

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More Information

Scientific American is the oldest continuously published monthly magazine in the United States. Its aim is to look into trends and the latest developments in science, medical research, and technological advancements.  The archive allows you to:

  • Access full-text HTML and PDF articles;
  • View informational graphics – diagrams that clarify complex topics;
  • Search by keyword or advanced search using author, article title, or DOI (Digital Object Identifier);
  • Find background information for scientific projects and research.
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