Family History – Passenger Lists – Soldiers

If your ancestor was a discharged Imperial soldier, try:

Hughes, H. Discharged in New Zealand
This provides an index of all the Imperial foot soldiers who took their discharge in New Zealand between 1840-1870, together with the basic service details and their places of birth where included in the records. The names of the ships that brought them have been added.
Kendall, S. E. The Royal New Zealand Fencibles: a complete index
The Fencibles, pensioned-off soldiers of Imperial regiments, settled in Auckland in the 1847-1852 period. The first volume includes a list of ships which brought the soldiers and their families to New Zealand, with brief descriptions of each voyage. An index of the soldiers’ names includes details of ship, manifest number and regiment. The second volume gives more biographical details about the men who voyaged on the Sir George Seymour, arriving in November 1847. Details given include name, county of origin, pension, regiment, rank, birthplace, New Zealand abode, whether married and number of children, date of death. Many entries include the names of wives and children and some include marriage details for children, birth and death dates.
Alexander, R. The Royal New Zealand Fencibles, 1847-1852
Includes biographies of all the Fencibles (pp. 114-182) and passenger lists for each ship (pp. 203-9).
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