Sewing by the seaside

If you've got a pair of pants that need a new zip, a dress with a drooping hem, or any other clothing repairs but no access to a sewing machine, then the library might be the place to come.

In addition to the sewing facilities at Tūranga, New Brighton Library is now also home to a sewing machine for public use. New Brighton's machine is a Janome AR1012 and was donated by Christopher Wainwright, a longstanding customer of the library. 

Anyone can use the machine but customers under 16 years of age require an adult to supervise. Staff will help customers find a suitable spot to sew in. For those requiring help with sewing, using our Book A Librarian form to organise a time when a staff member can be available is the best option.

A sewing kit, to use with the machine, includes the power cord and pedal, machine needles, tin of pins, seam ripper, needle threader, tape measure, needles for hand sewing and darning, and a variety of cotton colours. 

When not in use the sewing machine will be kept in a display case in the library. The sewing machine can be used any time the library is open. Please ask a library staff member if you would like to use it. A library card or ID and contact details is required to use the machine and sewing kit. There is no charge.

Live closer to town? To access sewing facilities at Tūranga, try one of our Production Studio open times.

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