The Adventures of Library Susan ~ Part Six

Kia ora everyone! Susan and I have actually had a pretty awesome week this week, and we hope the things we've got to share will help make your week awesome too!

Susan is super excited to tell you about her YouTube debut! She got to wear her teddy bear ears again while we read Where's My Teddy? especially for you. We are so happy that we got to join in with all the other Christchurch librarians sharing Digital Wā Kōrero-Storytimes! And don't forget to check back later, 'cos there might be more to see soon.

A Teddy Bears' Picnic

The next exciting thing was our Teddy bears Picnic. Susan was so glad that she finally got to do this. She's been wanting to ever since the Goldilocks adventure—she wanted to be sure the bears knew it was all in good fun!

Maybe your bubble would enjoy a picnic in your backyard—or your living room—just as much as Susan and the bears did. Just throwing down a picnic rug can turn an ordinary lunch into something really fun and special. But if you want to add a bit extra and bake something yummy, we have lots of recipe eBooks available. My pick is Crazy About Cookies which has a delicious sounding snickerdoodle recipe (I know some bears like marmalade, some bears like honey, and some bears even like porridge. But these bears like cinnamon snickerdoodles. And this batch of baking turned out just the way it's supposed to!)

To go along with your picnic, I found some lovely picnic stories that you could read, watch, or listen too.  

  • Picnic is a cute wee movie about a family of mice who go for a picnic and accidentally leave the littlest one behind along the way.
  • Catalogue record for Good new, bad newsGood New, Bad News is a deliciously simple story told with just four words in the whole book. Very clever, and funny, too!
  • What this Story Needs is a Munch and a Crunch is another cute story about a picnic beset with problems—and a Pig in a wig!
  • Little Pea isn't exactly a picnic story, but I just love this goofy little foody story about a pea who doesn't like to eat candy (which is what peas eat for breakfast, lunch, and tea, you know). You might want to log in to Tumblebook Library before you click the link.

Wā Pēpi-Babytimes

So far, Susan and I have mostly been sharing things for tamariki, but we have forgotten about our pēpi! I'm sure you and your littlies have been missing Babytimes just as much as the older kids have been missing Storytimes, and I am thrilled to let you know that Digital Wā Pēpi-Babytimes is now here! 

I'm hoping to be able to add more videos really soon, and in the meantime, you might like to check out our Baby Rhymes page.

Ballet in our Bubble

On Sunday, Susan and I watched the Royal New Zealand company live in our living room! We thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful costumes and wonderful dancing of Romeo and Juliette. There is another show coming up this weekend, and the next! (I'm crossing my fingers that they keep it up for a bit longer!) This weekend will be Black Swan, White Swan which is a retelling of Swan Lake—I'm guessing there'll be less pretty tutus, but just as much wonderful dancing.

If you can't wait till the weekend, never fear, we have ballet at the digital library too. You could watch The Nutcracker Ballet, or Ballet's Greatest Hits. You could stream some ballet music for any budding ballerinas in your bubble to dance to. And if that's not enough, I'm sure they'll love the dance lesson videos that have been shared on the RNZB Facebook page.

Whatever will Susan get up to next?

Ka kite, and look after your bubble. And if you missed our earlier virtual visits, you can catch up on all our adventures here.

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