The importance of standards

My standards are pretty low when it comes to personal aspects about myself. I could straighten my hair in the morning and put on some lippy, but that would mean I would have to leave bed just that bit earlier. Maybe it is not so much about standards but priorities, and being asleep is my favourite thing to do. Don’t get me wrong I am clean, but I am not high maintenance. In other areas of life, dropping standards is not an option. In Christchurch we are living through what is called “the rebuild” - an understated term for such disruption and stress. A massive part of this is making sure standards are enforced. Standards are agreed specifications for products, services, or performance. They are there to improve safety and quality and meet various industries best practices.

To help anyone involved in this process you can come into any of our community libraries (in library access only) and you can search Standards New Zealand Online. Our library subscription entitles us to online access to all New Zealand (NZS) and joint Australian & New Zealand (AS/NZS) standards that are available in PDF format. I would hate to think how many changes have been made recently to building standards alone. To help, you may download a single copy of a Standards New Zealand document for viewing purposes only. The retention of any downloaded Standards New Zealand documents, whether in hardcopy or electronic form is expressly prohibited by copyright law. Christchurch City Libraries also has print copies of standards and other help available for those who need to adhere to standards regardless of how much they would like to stay in bed. Just ask!

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