Busy Things is getting busier

Sometimes my job is just sublime. An example of this is when Busy Things - a very popular kid’s eResource - was upgraded. In the name of research I was “forced” to colour in dinosaurs, design football kits, create a lost pet’s poster and name a number of shapes. You see Busy Things was aimed at 3 to 7 year olds but it has undergone an upgrade to include activities for those aged up until the age of 11.

Never dull, this eResource is instantly appealing to kids and able to hold their attention as they move between free play to more structured learning. The interface can be worked by even very young children and older crusty adults such as myself.  When you now enter Busy Things you can select the most appropriate age group and then disappear into a huge range of entertaining, safe and educational activities. Headings range from English, Design and Technology, Geography, Food, Maths and Family and Community.

As you can see from the above poster of a Chinese fireworks display I constructed using Busy Things its possibilities are endless. Granted I am not artist, but I still had fun and used some pretty cool computer skills to get it to work! Try it with your little 'uns today!

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