Most popular fiction for children 2014

What are the most popular items at Christchurch City Libraries? In an attempt to find out the answer, our staff have compiled reports on the most popular adult, children’s and young adult titles.

  1. Cover of Nancy DrewNancy Drew and the clue crew Carolyn Keene
  2. Keene, Carolyn Nancy Drew, girl detective
  3. Goscinny Asterix omnibus
  4. Hergé The adventures of Tintin
  5. Dodd, Lynley Hairy Maclary and friends
  6. Béka Dance class
  7. Peyo The Smurfs anthology
  8. Pilkey, Dav Captain Underpants and the big, bad battle of the Bionic Booger Boy
  9. Dixon, Franklin W. The Hardy boys, undercover brothers
  10. Handford, Martin, Where's Wally?
  11. Kibuishi, Kazu, Amulet
  12. Konami, Kanata, Chi's sweet home
  13. Guibert, Emmanuel Ariol
  14. Jolley, Dan Warriors
  15. Inkpen, Mick Kipper
  16. Watt, Fiona That's not my baby
  17. Donaldson, Julia Zog
  18. Hill, Eric Spot's first Christmas
  19. Stilton, Gerónimo You're mine, Captain!
  20. Mahy, Margaret A lion in the meadow
  21. Stilton, Gerónimo Alien escape
  22. Donaldson, Julia The Gruffalo
  23. Colfer, Eoin Artemis Fowl
  24. Pilkey, Dav, Captain Underpants and the revolting revenge of the radioactive robo-boxers
  25. Stilton, Gerónimo. Ride for your life!
  26. Blyton, Enid, The mysteries collection
  27. Child, Lauren. I will not ever never eat a tomato
  28. Dodd, Lynley, Slinky Malinki, early bird
  29. Donaldson, Julia, The Gruffalo's child
  30. Hill, Eric, Spot's big book of first words
  31. Kinney, Jeff, Hard luck
  32. Pilkey, Dav, Captain Underpants and the invasion of the incredibly naughty cafeteria ladies from outer space
  33. Pilkey, Dav, Captain Underpants and the tyrannical retaliation of the Turbo Toilet 2000
  34. Stilton, Gerónimo. The fast and the frozen
  35. Stilton, Gerónimo. The phantom of the subway
  36. Holm, Jennifer L., Babymouse
  37. Melling, David. Don't worry Douglas!
  38. Stilton, Gerónimo. The great mouse race
  39. Kupperberg, Paul. Scooby-Doo!
  40. Stilton, Gerónimo. The Super Chef Contest
  41. Griffiths, Andy, The 13-storey treehouse
  42. Hergé, King Ottokar's sceptre
  43. Hill, Eric, Spot's spooky fun
  44. Jennings, Paul, Don't look now
  45. Kinney, Jeff, Diary of a wimpy kid
  46. Rozum, John. Scooby-Doo!
  47. Stilton, Gerónimo. A fabumouse vacation for Geronimo
  48. Stilton, Gerónimo. Geronimo's Valentine
  49. Sutton, Sally. Demolition
  50. Hill, Eric, Spot goes shopping
  51. Llewelyn, Christopher. How does the giraffe get to work?
  52. Pilkey, Dav, The invasion of the potty snatchers
  53. Stilton, Gerónimo. I'm not a supermouse
  54. Stilton, Gerónimo. Lost treasure of the emerald eye
  55. Stilton, Gerónimo. The stinky cheese vacation
  56. Stilton, Thea. Thea Stilton and the chocolate sabotage
  57. Coppée, Thierry, Toto trouble
  58. Goscinny, Asterix and the laurel wreath
  59. Griep, Terrance. Scooby-Doo!
  60. Hsu Lin, Amy. Splat the Cat
  61. Mahy, Margaret, The man whose mother was a pirate
  62. Meadows, Daisy, Roxie the baking fairy
  63. Meadows, Daisy, Tilly the teacher fairy
  64. Stilton, Gerónimo Watch your tail!
  65. Stilton, Gerónimo. Mouse in space!
  66. Stilton, Thea. Thea Stilton and the journey to the lion's den
  67. Gravett, Emily. Matilda's cat
  68. Groot, Bob de, Clifton
  69. Hobbie, Holly. Toot & Puddle
  70. Stilton, Gerónimo. A very Merry Christmas
  71. Wilson, Jacqueline, Four children and It
  72. Dahl, Roald, The enormous crocodile
  73. Hergé, The Castafiore emerald
  74. Hill, Eric, Spot's touch and feel playbook
  75. Meadows, Daisy, Alexandra the royal baby fairy
  76. Meadows, Daisy, Kimberley the koala fairy
  77. Meadows, Daisy, Marissa the science fairy
  78. Seuss, Mr. Brown can moo! Can you?
  79. Stilton, Gerónimo A Christmas tale
  80. Stilton, Gerónimo. Fright night
  81. Stilton, Gerónimo. Help, I'm in hot lava!
  82. Stilton, Gerónimo. Mice to the rescue!
  83. Stilton, Gerónimo. Shipwreck on the Pirate Islands
  84. Stilton, Gerónimo. Singing sensation
  85. Stilton, Gerónimo. The Christmas toy factory
  86. Stilton, Thea. Thea Stilton and the great tulip heist
  87. Dahl, Roald, The magic finger
  88. Donaldson, Julia, The highway rat
  89. Foreman, Catherine, Boats
  90. Hergé, Explorers on the moon
  91. Hergé, Tintin and the lake of sharks
  92. Stilton, Gerónimo The first mouse on the Moon
  93. Stilton, Gerónimo. Flight of the Red Bandit
  94. Stilton, Gerónimo. The golden statue plot
  95. Stilton, Gerónimo. The race across America
  96. Stilton, Gerónimo. Valentine's day disaster
  97. Stilton, Thea. Thea Stilton and the secret city
  98. Watt, Fiona. That's not my fox--
  99. Campbell, Rod, My zoo
  100. Dahl, Roald, George's marvellous medicine

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