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If you want to do some learning online, have a look at STEAM Lab Online.

Huinga Ako

Our new afterschool program Huinga Ako is a Pou Kohikohinga Māori - Māori Collection Specialist lead session that assists students with finding resources that link to their Te Ao Māori focused assignments.

With the new histories curriculum coming into effect this year, Christchurch City Libraries has noticed an increase in assignments with a Te Ao Māori focus. We have pulled together our resources and expertise to create a free drop-in research session for students wanting that extra assistance for their assignments.

This program is held twice a month - one session in Tūranga, and one session in a community library.

Huinga Ako

Creative times for kids & teens

Youth Creative Time: Fridays 4pm to 5.30pm: Tūranga, part of a series

Get creative with the awesome equipment on Auahatanga, the fourth floor of Tūranga. Fridays are your time to drop in and use tech.

Open Studio - YA (ages 13 to 17), part of a series

This is an open drop-in session where rangatahi can come to learn more about audio & video production in our studio.

Auahatanga - Creative Spaces

There is amazing technology at Christchurch City Libraries. Find out about each piece of gear, where you can find it, & how you can use it.


NZ-VR is a school outreach programme that uses virtual reality to connect young New Zealanders with the marine environment.

Consent Form

We require a consent form to be completed for every child attending our programmes.  A link can be found at the time of purchase in ticketing information and will also be sent via the confirmation email (Please note: we only require one form per child, per calendar year).

To enquire about any programmes please contact us.

Programme Evaluation

In order to continually improve our service and the programmes that we offer, your evaluation of the sessions that you have recently attended is invaluable to us. Please complete our online form to provide us with feedback.

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