This page links to our pages on artists, and examines ways of searching for more information.

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If you are looking for information on a particular artist, do a subject search on the the artist’s name i.e. Rita Angus. This will lead you to all books about the artist. A keyword search will lead you to books that contain significant chapters about the artist.

For books about artists in general, try artists or search by country i.e. Artists – New Zealand – Biography.
Cover of The self portraitCover of Rita Angus

Artists eResources

The following eResources have information on artists:

Interviews and biographies

William Sutton
William Sutton. Flickr CCL-2010-CanterburyHeroes-064

Artist information on our website:

More information on artists

Our art resources page will help you track down more information on an artist. If your searching fails to provide relevant information you may need to dig a little deeper. Ask yourselves the following questions. This will take you to other areas where good lending and reference books can be found.

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