Record Store Day 2019

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! No, I am not getting into the Yuletide spirit eight months early. I am talking about the day when music obsessives of all stripes gladly part with a big ol’ chunk of cash – Saturday 13 April - Record Store Day. Record Store Day began in 2008 as a day to celebrate that great institution, the record store. While many record stores have disappeared in our digital world, they have not disappeared completely - continuing to thrive in small corners where music lovers come to browse, discuss their favourite music with other customers, and enjoy advice from knowledgeable staff. 

For record store-loving people, a stream on your phone, while convenient, isn’t enough. The physical artefact - with its carefully thought out tracklist, artwork and liner notes - allows for an immersive experience that you can’t replicate with virtual formats. Then you can get into arguments about sound quality.

But above all, a record store is a fun place to hang out.

Artists and record labels have got behind Record Store Day, creating limited releases especially for the day. These releases are usually highly sought after, so good luck tracking them down.

What's on and Where to go in Christchurch for Record Store Day

Christchurch has some fabulous record stores with expert staff and a wide range of stock. They are well worth a visit on 13 April, or any other day you feel like getting your fingers dirty from digging in crates.

RIDE ON SUPER SOUND - 336 St Asaph Street, Central City

Ride on Super Sound will have instore performances and other fun stuff on Record Store Day. Subscribe to the Facebook event.


Posted by RIDE ON SUPER SOUND on Saturday, April 6, 2019

Saturday's retail extravaganza will feature a 2pm SOLO SET from BEN WOODS - the sensitive vegan fuzz-rocker that critically-acclaimed local music video director Martin Sagadin called "one of the most important figures in New Zealand Music." Ben will be accompanied on the DRUMS by Rory "Racetrack Wolverine" Dalley, and the set will be bookended by a single-turntable DJ SET from shop heartthrob Johnny "Johnny Electric" Electric, who owns six 45 RPM records and is overly confident.

And you won't want to miss Ride On Super Sound's inaugural COSPLAY COMPETITION. Roll up between 11am and 4pm dressed as flannel-clad indie guitar hero and used automobile enthusiast JOE SAMPSON and be in to win a Joe Sampson prize pack worth more than FIFTEEN DOLLARS. Will you be Salad Boys Joe? Dance Asthmatics Joe? T54 Joe? Best Bets Joe? Pavlov's Puss Joe? The possibilities are as ENDLESS as they are LIMITED.

Record Store Day at Ride on Super Sound starts at 11am and continue until 4pm, then at 8pm 8K.NZ's Wiretap 02: ButterfliesWelcomingSpring, Pavlov's Puss, Outsiders, opens a new window takes place across the foyer at Darkroom.

PENNY LANE RECORDS - 436 Colombo Street, Sydenham and Eastgate Shopping Centre

Record Store Day is this weekend!!! 50% off ALL RECORDS, CDS, and DVDS at both stores!!! We're open EARLY on Saturday,...

Posted by Pennylane Records on Thursday, April 11, 2019

Penny Lane Records is Christchurch’s largest and longest running record store. Keep an eye on their Facebook page for Record Store Day news.

LYTTELTON RECORDS - 650 Ferry Road, Woolston

Lyttelton Records – Records, coffee and beer - Lyttelton Records is also a popular venue for gigs.

SADHANA SURFBOARDS - Shop 52, The Tannery, 3 Garlands Road, Woolston

Sadhana Surfboards – Not only a surf shop, Sadhana have a large range of vinyl.

SPOOKY BOOGIE - 54 London Street, Lyttelton

Spooky Boogie – Lyttelton record store that also serves coffee, cookies and cake, and stocks limited edition T-shirts and art.


And don’t forget Christchurch City Libraries has collections of LPs and CDs just waiting to be borrowed.

For something to read while you listen to a record, Bloomsbury Popular Music has the 33 1/3 Series, a series of short books about popular music, focusing on individual albums by artists ranging from James Brown to Celine Dion and from J Dilla to Neutral Milk Hotel. Each album covered in the series occupies a specific place in music history, so each book-length treatment takes an individualized approach.


Another tip for record fans: Vinyl Cafe at 24b Essex Street is a must visit for vinyl lovers. Like Vinyl Cafe on Facebook.

Read Grant Smithies Record Store Day: A vinyl love affair:

It is a safe space for the sonically obsessed, a library of lovely noise, a beacon of alternative culture within our increasingly bland towns.
It's a magnet for music geeks and DJs and future band-members, a treasure trove of rare second-hand LPs, an outlet for niche recordings that chain stores won't touch.
Best of all, it's a community centre of sorts, a venue for spirited argument and passionate proselytizing rather than merely commerce.

If you are a local record lover with a long memory, you can gaze upon images of old Christchurch record stores. I shudder to think how much money I spent at the greatly missed Echo Records.

High Street, Echo Records buildings. Christchurch City Libraries Photo Hunt. CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 NZ. PH13-390.
High Street, Echo Records buildings. Christchurch City Libraries Photo Hunt. CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 NZ. PH13-390.
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