Papanui Library closes for upgrade

Tuesday 24 June 2014

Papanui Library will be closed in stages over the next few weeks while a new air conditioning system is installed.

Closure FAQ

The closure will take place in two stages: the rear half of the library will be closed from Thursday 3 – Wednesday 16 July, during which time it will offer partial services, with limited access to the collection and no Babytime or Storytime sessions. The library will be fully closed from Thursday 17 July – Thursday 28 August.

The facility’s Customer Service Desk and Board Room will remain open throughout, offering wider Christchurch City Council services and a meeting space.

Libraries and Information Unit Manager Carolyn Robertson says Papanui Library’s heating system has been due for replacement since prior to the 2011 earthquakes.

There have been issues for a few years now with hot and cold spots developing in Papanui Library – its current air conditioning system is inefficient, and it’s more cost-effective for us to replace it than to repair and keep it operating.

Papanui is one of our busiest community libraries and we’d like to apologise to all our regulars for the inconvenience, she says. It’s a complicated process, but the installation is being completed as quickly as possible and will make Papanui Library a much more comfortable place to spend time in.

The library’s ceiling is quake-damaged and is in need of some work, Mrs Robertson says. Ideally we’d be able to do these jobs at the same time, but the ceiling is still subject to an insurance settlement, so that work will come later.

Papanui Library’s after hours return facility will be cleared daily throughout the closure, and items from Papanui Library can be returned to any library in the Christchurch City Libraries network. The nearest large library is Fendalton Library on the corner of Clyde Road and Jeffreys Road. Reserved items will be made available at Fendalton Library unless otherwise requested.

Papanui Library’s toilets and wifi will be unavailable throughout the entire period of the closure.

For more information about the closure, and which services will remain on offer, please contact the Fingertip Library on (03) 941 7923.

Please note

Information contained in media releases is correct at the time, but may change after publication. Please check the Library News page for latest updates about library services or contact us, ph: 9417923.

Papanui Library closure FAQ

Updated: 24/07/2014

Why is the library closing?
The library is closing for the installation of a new air conditioning system. This will get rid of “hot” and “cold” spots in the library, making it more comfortable for customers
How long is the library closing for?
Partial closure runs from Thursday 3 July to Wednesday 16 July: the rear half of the library will be closed during this period, limiting the services we can offer.
Full closure from Thursday 17 July to Thursday 28 August, re-opening at 9am, Friday 29 August.
Why is the library closing for so long?
Installing the air conditioning system is a complicated process and although contractors will work as quickly as possible, this is the shortest time they can do the work in. As much work as possible will be carried out prior to the closure.
Why does this work have to be done now?
The heating system at Papanui was due to be replaced prior to the February 2011 earthquakes. The system is highly inefficient and extremely costly to repair and operate, so installing a new system could not be delayed any longer.
Will the damaged ceiling be fixed?
No, not at this time. These repairs are the subject of an EQC claim which is yet to be settled.
Will the Papanui Service Centre remain open?
Yes, the Papanui Customer Service Desk will be open their usual hours
What library services will be unavailable during the partial closure?
When the rear half of the library is closed there will be:
  • No Babytime and Storytime sessions. They will resume when the library re-opens, Wednesday 3 September (Babytimes) and Thursday 4 September (Storytimes). Please check the library website for sessions held at other libraries.
  • Limits on access to loan items.
  • No access to public toilets. The nearest public facilities will be at Northlands Mall.
Can I still return my books?
Items may be returned to Fendalton Library or other Christchurch City Libraries. The after hours return facility at Papanui will be cleared each week day.
Please note that items returned to Papanui are taken offsite for processing. There will be a delivery delay before items no longer appear on your card. Be assured that the date we discharge your items is backdated to reflect the actual date returned. 
  • Monday returns processed Wednesdays
  • Tuesday returns processed Thursdays
  • Wednesday returns processed Fridays
  • Thursday returns processed Mondays
  • Friday, Saturday, Sunday returns processed Tuesdays
Where can I pick up my holds?
Hold items will be sent to Fendalton Library unless otherwise requested.
Where is the nearest large library?
Fendalton Library on the corner of Clyde Road and Jeffreys Road. Opening hours Monday to Friday 9am to 8pm and Saturdays 10am to 4pm.
I usually visit the library on a Sunday. What other libraries are open Sundays?
Shirley Library (beside The Palms Mall), Upper Riccarton Library, Central Library Peterborough, Linwood Library (in Eastgate Shopping Centre), New Brighton Library and South Library.
How can I get to another library?
Fendalton Library is three kilometres from Papanui and has off-street parking available. The Orbiter bus route runs from Northlands to The Palms Mall where Shirley Library is located.
Can I still use the toilets?
No, the toilets will not be available during the partial or full closure. Nearest public facilities will be at Northlands Mall.
Can I still use the wi-fi?
No, due to the nature of the work being carried out the wi-fi will not be available at Papanui. Free wi-fi is available at other Christchurch City Libraries.
Will the advertised KidsFest event “Journeys and Enchantment from around the world” still take place on Sunday 6 July?
Yes, it will take place in the Papanui Board Room. Access is available from the rear of the building.
Are the Science Alive “Mindball” sessions going ahead at Papanui on Monday 14 July?
Yes, they will take place in the Papanui Board Room. Access is available from the rear of the building.
Will the Monday afternoon Science Alive sessions continue at Papanui Library?
The third term Science Alive sessions will not take place at Papanui until Monday 1 September.
Why is the Board Room space not being used for storytimes and babytimes?
The Papanui Board Room is heavily booked by community organisations and is unavailable for these regular sessions.
Will a JP be available Tuesdays 10am to 1pm during the closure?
Not at Papanui. This service will move outside Countdown Supermarket, Northlands Mall during the closure. It will also continue to be available at Shirley, South and Upper Riccarton Libraries, Tuesdays 10am–1pm.
What will happen to the books while we are closed?
Books in the library at time of closure will remain on shelves and will be covered for protection.
What will happen to the staff while the library is closed?
Library staff will be temporarily reassigned to other Christchurch City Libraries.
I am an Agreed Support library customer, where can I pick up my library items?
All Agreed Support customers will be notified and individual arrangements put in place.