Most Booky Day of the Year: NZ Bookshop Day Saturday 8 October 2022

Tomorrow Saturday 8 October is NZ Bookshop Day. This annual event has been going since 2015, and is a chance to celebrate local booksellers. What's happening in 2022? Booksellers Aotearoa is hosting a nationwide bookmark treasure hunt, 1-8 October 2022. Scorpio Books is offering 20% off each of their Read of the Month titles

So head along to your local bookshop, have a look, and maybe go home with a book or five. 

To celebrate this special day, I've compiled some images of local bookshops in Canterbury Stories

Back in the inaugural NZ Bookshop Day in 2015, I wrote about my bookshop feels. 


  • East's Bookshop - perfectly centrally located for a browse, saw Jasper Fforde talk there.
  • Smith's Bookshop on Manchester Street - a cornucopia of books, you could lose yourself for hours in its rambling bookwilderness.
  • Scorpio - like a platter of temptation. (bought a book about typography called Just my Type)
  • Book city - by the IRD. I used to go there a lot with my Dad on work lunchtime rambles. The books are still in there if you peer in. (bought a book about Bronzino)
  • That shop by South City that had loads of Taschen books. (Pierre et Gilles)
  • The Children's Bookshop - when I was a new Mum, me and my wee girl were always hanging out on Victoria Street. (Mouk)


  • Scorpio Books, still. The bijoux one in the Re: START, with an occasional foray to Riccarton for the big brother shop. (Bought books by Morrissey, Nick Cave, Jarvis Cocker etc)
  • Best books - a pop up book store, a fab part of the new Christchurch. 
  • The new Smith's Bookshop at the Tannery in Woolston. (bought High noon for coaches)
  • Edgeware Paperback Centre. Shelves everywhere, heaving with books. (Bought Gwenda Turner ABC and a Raymond Briggs book)
  • University Bookshop - oh boy, not just for students. (bought a little book about bookshops)
  • Comics Compulsion in Papanui - a regular visit now is part of our lives. Comics rule! (Bob the Burger and My Little Pony comics)

Things have changed even since 2015. There's a new Scorpio children's bookshop called Telling Tales, and a bookshop called The Curious Dog at The Colombo.  Some places have gone but lo and behold new ones have arrived.

To all the bookshops - and the people who make you tick and hum - your place is the good place. Love your mahi!

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