The Allusionist – WORD Christchurch Autumn Season

There's some pretty amazing podcasts out there nowadays, so many that it sometimes seems tricky to isolate the one that is going to satisfy your needs within your own personal time constraints.

One podcast series that is currently high in a lot of people's picks, mine included, is 'The Allusionist' - a podcast about language by award winning Brit, Helen Zaltzman.

Helen Zaltzman has amassed a huge fanbase around the world and is very soon appearing in Christchurch courtesy of WORD Christchurch (thanks Rachael and team!), and she'll be live recording an episode from the Merivale Lane Theatre on Wednesday 22 May. Her shows are clever, fun, layered with nerdy pop-culture references, and this promises to be a really interesting and fun night. And as she's never shy when it comes to addressing big issues, her theme for the Christchurch evening is around the idea of taking gender out of language through the power of infotainment. She'll be ably supported on the night by musician Martin Austwick.

There's loads of archived episodes to enjoy too with a neat set of transcripts also on her site, plus a lexicon page outlining the myriad of topics she has addressed in the past, all word-related and full of entertaining conversations. This series is highly recommended for listeners who appreciate the fun side of language, and if you can get tickets for the live recording then it will be well worth it.

But what about other podcast listening options...?!?

If you would like something closer to home, then there are some amazing options from right here in New Zealand. Take Black Sheep  -  a series of stories about the seedy underbelly of New Zealand's colonial past, scandals, murders, and more. It's presented with balance and respect by host William Ray and if you've never heard it then jump on board and give it a try.

What about science and nature? Check out Our Changing World where you'll get the opportunity to spend some quality virtual time with our conservation heroes doing the hard yards in our glorious outdoors and the serious lab work involved with understanding and protecting our endangered species and and environment.

Or is music is more your thing? Try out 'The Music Show' with host Andrew Ford. 'The Music Show' is about the creation and enjoyment of music, from Handel to hip-hop, plainsong to punk. Host Andrew Ford has won awards as a composer, a writer, and a broadcaster and is about as distinguished and knowledgeable as you can get in the world of music. His skills in interviewing musical artists is genuinely interesting and insightful, and his shows nearly always feature live performances. 

Or if you're keen and interested in producing your own podcasts why not visit Tūranga and the AV Studio on Auahatanga | Level 4. All the tools are there for you to embark on an amazing broadcast journey.

These options will surely leave you fulfilled and if you are still seeking more, why not call into your local library and we can assist you in finding more.

Happy listening.