Life on Mars?

Are you a fan of science, space exploration, and the mysteries of the Red Planet? Then you've got something to be excited about - NASA will be launching a new rover to Mars!

Appropriately named 'Mars 2020' it is due for departure on 17 July and in the meantime NASA have provided a wealth of exploration of the rover itself on its dedicated website. 

Mars is an amazing place and has also played a pivotal role in shaping the science fiction genre in books and film. If you're a science fiction reader, or even curious about the genre, have a look at our science fiction reading guide - you're sure to find something out of this world! Or check out our Mars - Red Planet page for more factual resources.

And with the 'Curiosity Rover' continuing to trundle about on the surface (it has it's own Twitter account btw!), its discovery of an underground lake, and the space agencies of the world looking at a possible manned mission to the Red Planet in the "not-too-distant" future, humanity's best insurance policy against planetary extinction has never seemed so close!

So I plan to study up before we head off-world again (albeit mechanically), and here's a beaut mix of fact and fiction for you to explore the possibilities of life on Mars. But first, some music...

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Life on Mars

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Mars is an inspiration to us humans, as a creative springboard for science fiction storytelling, and as the ultimate destination for the intrepid traveler. Here's a list of the fantastic and fanciful of all things Martian!

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