Sexual Health

Sexual health includes everything from how you care for your sexual body parts, practising safe sex and being checked for sexually transmitted infections, through to contraception and even your feelings about sex and sexual orientation (definition from HealthInfo Canterbury / Waitaha).

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Dr G

Dr G is here to provide support and suggestions for any genuine problem you may have with health, sexual health or relationship issues. The service is supported by experts from Community and Public Health, Canterbury District Health Board. If you include your email, you will get a personal reply to your email address.

Here are some of Dr G's answers to questions from New Zealanders aged from 13 to 18:

Dr G also has pages on the emergency contraceptive pill and pornography.

Sexual health services for Christchurch teenagers

The following websites have useful information for local teens on sexual health services in Christchurch.

More information

Want to look at sexual health from a different angle? The University of Otago Christchurch 5th year medical student performances on their YouTube channel explore sexual health issues:

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If you have a question about sexual health, you can ask Dr G.