Some facts about pornography from Community and Public Health

Pornography is easily available online now – even if you are not looking for it.

Be aware that pornography is fantasy, not reality; most people do not have sex in the way shown in porn. Porn often exaggerates scenarios and positions and takes things to extremes.

Watching porn is not a good way to find out about how to have sex – this is not what most people do. Having sex as it is shown in porn would usually mean you are NOT a good lover!

What most people do is have good sex. Good sex is equal with both people enjoying it. Typically in porn films one person (usually a man) is “in charge” with the other person (usually a woman) doing what he commands. It is not an equal relationship and does not make for a pleasurable experience.

In gay porn there is also often a dominant partner and a submissive one. Why can’t they show people as equals?

Violence in sex is never OK e.g. anything that causes pain or fear. This is abuse. You don’t have to put up with it. Say NO if it hurts, humiliates or makes you feel bad!

Porn often shows extreme body types e.g. huge breasts and penises. This is not how most people look! Your body is fine just as it is.

The people who make porn use “tricks of the trade” to make their films e.g. digitally enhanced bodies, airbrushing, special effects.

Male porn stars have to use Viagra to keep their erections for so long.

In the “real world” we need to protect ourselves from pregnancy and STIs when we have sex. (You don’t see condoms in porn films!)

Anal sex is common in porn. In reality, people have sex in many different ways and not everyone likes "everything".If you want to have anal sex (and you can say NO), you need to use condoms and lots of lube. Anal sex is riskier than other types of sex in passing on HIV if your partner is infected.

It’s fine to watch sexy movies where two people are having a good time together. Sex is meant to be about pleasure and fun, not about one person dominating another.

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