Podcast – Human rights: whats, whys, hows

Christchurch City Libraries blog hosts a series of regular podcasts from New Zealand specialist human rights radio show Speak up - Kōrerotia. This show is created by Sally Carlton.

Human rights whats, whys and hows: Three interviews

What motivates someone to get involved in human rights work? And what motivates them to keep going, decades later? What are some key learnings from their decades of work? The highs and the lows? The advice do they want to share? Hear from three long-term human rights advocates about their stories.
Part I: Aroha Reriti-Crofts (Māori and women's rights)
Part II: David Matas (organ transplant abuse in China, refugee rights, Holocaust remembrance)
Part III: Marilyn Garson (social enterprises in Cambodia, Afghanistan and Gaza)  

Transcript - Human rights whats, whys, hows

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