Introducing Speak up – Kōrerotia

A new feature of the library blog is that we'll be hosting a locally produced podcast about human rights called Speak up - Kōrerotia.

We'll let Sally Carlton, the woman who puts the podcast together, explain what it's all about.

Kia ora Sally, what’s your particular interest in human rights? What led you to working on this project?

I work part-time for both the Human Rights Commission and the Citizens' Advice Bureau. With the Commission, I have been working mainly on rights in post-earthquake Canterbury, especially people affected by the red zoning decision. I do settlement support work through CAB.

These roles build on my interests and past experiences volunteering and working within the third sector, particularly with refugees. I spent 2011-2012 working for a policy institute in Kathmandu, Nepal, researching and writing about issues of human security, post-conflict democratisation, the reintegration into civil society of veterans, and divisions caused by gender, caste, religion, ethnicity politics and geography.

My PhD looked at the way in which French veterans use commemoration and the war dead to advocate for a certain way of life, particularly peace. All these experiences and interests feed into the topics selected for Speak Up-Kōrerotia.

What sort of topics are covered in the Speak up - Kōrerotia podcast?

As a radio show/podcast which aims to give voice to people affected by all kinds of human rights issues, the topics covered in Speak Up-Kōrerotia are very broad. We have looked at issues as diverse as race and identity, refugees, te Tiriti o Waitangi, discrimination, accessibility in the Christchurch rebuild, the role of (citizen) media in exposing human rights abuses, language and religion, domestic violence, and places of detention.

In the next six months until December 2016, we are looking to broadcast shows on human rights and the Olympics, the New Zealand Disability Strategy in the context of domestic and global disability rights, addiction, the built environment and climate change. Most of the shows have a domestic focus; however, some look at rights overseas or at the global level.

How often do you record episodes?

We record one show a month, which airs on Plains FM at 9pm on the third Wednesday of the month, and repeats on the third Sunday at 5pm. As well as these regular shows, we also produce "pop-up" shows every so often.

How do I find out more about the podcast, or get in touch about future episodes?

You can find more information on our Facebook page - this page serves to generate discussion about and between shows, and hosts resources related to the shows. You can also email us at

The first of our Speak up - Kōrerotia podcast posts will be published here on our blog very soon and will be on the topic of "Exposing human rights through (citizen) media".

More about Speak up - Kōrerotia

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