About Publications Finder

Publications Finder

Publications Finder is a tool to help you find if Christchurch City Libraries has the full text versions of any publication, journal, magazine, newspaper, book or report and more.

To use Publications Finder you can search for publication titles via title name, subject, publisher or ISSN (International Standard Serial Number). Once you have a results list you can then filter results by subject, resource type or publisher. Alternatively you can browse by publication title using the A to Z or browse by discipline Agriculture to Zoology

Please note: Full Text Finder is what powers Publications Finder

Publications Finder is a service that provides users with a single browsing and searching interface our publications. It includes 160,000 plus journals from key aggregators such as Gale Cengage, EBSCO and Proquest. Publication Finder also tells you which reputable open access titles are available, and you can search some of these through eDS (eResources Discovery Search) when the search box appears in your results. Click on the plus button to see the holdings of the publication title.

Publications Finder Explanatory Video

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