Discovery Wall

Discovery Wall - He Hononga | Connection, Ground floor, Tūranga

Tūranga is the home of New Zealand’s largest digital touchwall.

The Discovery Wall – a touch-sensitive, digital representation of Christchurch – lets you swipe your way through a virtual world of photos, videos and information.

Discover images, videos and text relating to the city’s unique history and identity, or upload your own stories, photos and videos to the Discovery Wall website.

The Christchurch Photo hunt ran through October 2018. This year’s photo hunt images are on the Discovery Wall in Tūranga and the website

The Discovery Wall features a digital cityscape made up of about 1000 current and historical images sourced from photo archives spanning Christchurch City Libraries, the Christchurch Star, and submissions from the public.

The Discovery Wall also has a smaller, mobile 'sibling' that can travel to schools, clubs and rest homes, allowing as many people as possible to interact with it and upload their content, enriching Christchurch City Libraries’ digital collection for all.

The Mobile Discovery Wall will be hosted at a different library each month. See our events calendar for more details.

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