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A free eBook service of fiction and non–fiction titles. The collection focuses on New Zealand titles.

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Access available for Christchurch residents only*

Key features

Wheelers is a free digital media platform which allows you to download eBooks. Our Wheelers collection focuses more on New Zealand writers and publishers. The collection includes fiction and non–fiction items for adults, young adults and children. New material is added regularly. Wheelers allows you to:

  • Download up to ten fiction and non-fiction titles from home at any time;
  • Checkout books for 14 days;
  • Place free holds;
  • Transfer eBook titles to your computer or portable devices such eBook readers and smartphones;
  • Wheelers eBooks are compatible with most eBook readers and mobile devices except Amazon Kindle eReaders. They will though work on the Kindle Fire tablet using Bluefire Reader. For more information check out the FAQ's below;
  • Avoid late fees — the items self expire. Some books can be checked in early.

Borrow with your library card and password / PIN.

App information

A Wheelers lending and reading app is available in iOS (Apple) from the App Store and Android from Google Play.

More information

In most instances your device will require another application to download loan titles from your library (unless you have used eBooks before). Here are some helpful links to get you underway:

Non-city members can access all electronic resources except where specifically excluded by the terms of Christchurch City Libraries’ contractual agreements with those suppliers. Our licence agreement only allows for residents of Christchurch City to access this resource. For more information see our Membership policy.

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