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Details of interments from Christchurch City Council cemeteries compiled by the Greenspace Unit of the Christchurch City Council.

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Key features

This resource covers interments in the Christchurch City Council cemeteries including Banks Peninsula, but not privately owned cemeteries such as St Peter’s, Upper Riccarton, or the Avonside Anglican Cemetery. Crematorium records are not listed in this Cemeteries Database. It does include interments at:

Please note that some of the older entries are very brief.

Not all Barbadoes Street Cemetery records are included in this database, but the microfilm records can be viewed on Tuakiri | Identity, Level 2, Tūranga.

Tombstone transcripts for Christchurch cemeteries not covered by this database are held on Tuakiri | Identity, Level 2, Tūranga.

Search tips

  • Searching on a name will retrieve all names that contain that string of characters e.g. a first name search for "dan" will return daniel, danielle, jordan, verdan, etc.
  • Names are not case sensitive: searching on robert is the same as Robert or ROBERT.
  • Date range: to limit your search to one year, enter the year in both boxes.

Style and format

  • Some records have been entered in ALL CAPS and others in normal case.
  • Dates in the summary list are displayed as month/day/year.
  • Address details will not be disclosed until 50 years after the date of death
  • In the details view the Years in New Zealand may show a '0' if that information was unavailable.
  • In some records only the burial date was recorded. If the death date and burial date are shown as the same date, it is usually the burial date.
  • In Addington Cemetery there are no blocks. Addington Cemetery plots have an A, B, C and D as part of their identifier e.g. Plot 13A, 13B, 13C.
  • Records showing '0' block and '0' plot : this indicates that a child (usually stillborn) was placed in the cemetery, often around the fencelines or under the trees.
  • Where ashes have been placed by the family and the Christchurch City Council Cemeteries Administrator has not been advised there will be no records of the whereabouts of the deceased. The Cremation Society may be able to help with dates of cremation. Researchers are welcome to contact the office:
    Cremation Society of Canterbury
    P.O. Box 398
    Christchurch 8001
    Ph: +64 3 389 6282
    Fax: +64 3 389 4746
    Email: admin@cremsoc.co.nz
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