About BorrowBox


BorrowBox is an easy to use eAudiobook platform with downloadable MP3 fiction and nonfiction eAudiobooks for adults, young adults and children. There is a wide selection of titles including lots of Australian and New Zealand titles.

Use BorrowBox now

With BorrowBox you can:

  • Download up to 10 titles at a time. (Checked out for a maximum of two weeks);
  • Return titles once you have used them;
  • Renew titles up to two times (if there are no holds);
  • Place holds on eAudiobook titles (Please note that holds count towards the number of items you can check out. For example two holds means you can only borrow eight titles).
  • Access available for Christchurch residents only*.

Getting started…

To get started all you will need is an internet connection, your email address and library card number and password/PIN.

The BorrowBox apps allow mobile device users to download eBooks and eAudiobooks directly onto their smart device. For users without a compatible BorrowBox device - you can download eAudiobooks directly to your computer.



BorrowBox is an eAudiobook platform - download top NZ, Australian, and international fiction and non-fiction titles. Listen in!

BorrowBox eAudiobooks

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