Dracul – viscerally visual

The characters and scenes in this story remain imprinted on my mind's eye. Dracul has not been written like a screenplay but it would make a sumptuously surreal film.  Dracul Dracul is written by J.D. Barker in collaboration with Bram Stoker's Great Grand-Nephew, Dacre Stoker. The authors' note (p.483) asserts that this is the story that was left out of the…
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I’m possessed by Joe Hill

Heart Shaped Box by Joe Hill has been republished in a 10th anniversary edition. Heart-shaped Box You'd expect someone who grew up inhaling Stephen King stories to emulate him. Millions of us grew up reading King and elements of his stories are part of the soundtracks of our lives. The same can be said of…
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Your Halloween Soundtrack

It's that time of year again for us to celebrate all things dark, sinister, and macabre, and what a lot of options you have from us here at Christchurch City Libraries! We have Horror, Sci-Fi, & Fantasy booklists covering all your favourite subgenres, plenty of horror films available on DVD, Pru has done an excellent sum-up…
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