eBooks, eAudiobooks, and eMagazines

eBooks, eAudiobooks, and eMagazines are available from your library. You can download them to your computer, smartphone, electronic device, or eReader.


Getting started

Choosing an eBook reader or device

Our eBook platforms will work with most devices – except Kindle eReaders which are designed by Amazon to work only with Amazon's eBooks.
See our list of approved devices for OverDrive.

eBooks on your eBook reader or computer

  • Install Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) on your computer.
  • During the set-up process you will be prompted to create an Adobe ID and to authorise your computer and eBook reader. You may also be asked to sign up for an OverDrive account.
    Follow the onscreen prompts to complete this process.
  • Many titles can be read in your computer’s web browser without using ADE – just checkout and choose the Read option.
  • Choose an eBook collection to browse
    Search the library catalogue for eBook titles from all our collections.
  • Download and transfer to your eBook reader. Connect your eBook reader to your computer.
  • Log in to our website using your library card and password (PIN)
  • Select, checkout and download eBooks (select ‘Open’ if prompted)
  • Open ADE and transfer the book to your eBook reader (either “drag and drop” or right click on the title and transfer.

eBooks on your mobile device or tablet

  • Download an eBook reader app. We suggest the OverDrive app for OverDrive, ePlatform app for Wheelers, and Libro eBook Reader for Askews  - available at the App store (for iPhones / iPads), Google Play (for Android) or Windows Store (for Windows 8).
  • Many titles can be read in the web browser of your device without using an app – just checkout and choose the Read option.
  • Choose an eBook collection to browse
    OR Search the library catalogue for eBook titles from all our collections.
  • Log in using your library card and password (PIN).
  • Select, checkout and download eBooks.

See our brochures:

Getting help

If you have issues with eResources, try the following:


You can borrow from our eBook platforms:

  • Askews (British eBooks)
  • OverDrive (eBooks and eAudiobooks - our largest collection)
  • Wheelers (eBooks with a New Zealand focus)

Find eBooks in our catalogue.
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eBooks for kids and teens

OverDrive has downloadable collections for kids and teens.
Find eBooks in our catalogue:

TumbleBook Library is an online collection of animated books which teach kids the joy of reading. It includes games, quizzes, videos and puzzles.


We have three eAudiobook platforms you can borrow from: OverDrive; BorrowBox and uLibrary. 

Find downloadable eAudiobooks in our catalogue.
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eAudiobooks for kids and teens


RBDigital Magazines

RBDigital Magazines provides you access to hundreds of popular eMagazines covering a range of subjects. You can keep the issues you download until you are ready to delete them from your account. These magazines are replicas of their print versions and released at the same time as the print issue. It includes popular New Zealand titles.

Find RBDigital Magazines in our catalogue.


PressReader contains over 500 magazines from around the world, as well as over 2,000 newspapers. They are full-page replicas with their traditional format and layout, including complete editorial content, graphics and advertising.

Find PressReader online magazines in our catalogue.

Cover of NZ House and GardenCover of Vogue Italia Cover of New Zealand Golf

You can find more online magazine content in our eResources including:

How we choose our eBooks and eAudiobooks

Selection is based on the following factors:

  • General guidelines contained in the libraries’ content development policy.
  • Focus is on content, rather than format. We include a mixture of ePub and PDF formats. Currently there is more choice available in ePub format. We currently have MP3 eAudiobooks on OverDrive.
  • Emphasis is on popular fiction for adults, young adults and children, with the highest percentage being adult;
  • We are unable to access as much British or New Zealand content as we would like. We are limited to what is available in Australasia. Each title produced as an eBook or eAudiobook is restricted by licensing agreements so many titles available in the US are not available in New Zealand.
  • Numbers of copies available to the Australasian market are also limited.
  • Some New Zealand authors are available.
  • We may purchase some titles electronically which are not held in hard copy.
  • In order to offer the widest range of titles in our collection, we purchase only one copy per title. This is reviewed from time to time.
  • New titles are added regularly.
  • We review what is on offer regularly and buy based on trends, reading patterns and budget available.

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