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Hundreds of popular Chinese-language eMagazines for online reading. Topics range from business and economics to family, fashion, entertainment, film and travel.

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Key Features

The eMagazines articles are in both simplified and traditional Chinese characters. Different eMagazines can be used in different ways some can be in:

  • Full Text version which you can search, copy and paste and is printer friendly;
  • Replica version where users can leaf through the magazine in its original form complete with full layout and advertisements.
  • Downloadable audio versions available on selected titles.

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More Information

Dragonsource contains a variety of magazines which give a Chinese point of view on domestic affairs, world hot spots, business, science, technology, arts, education and many other subjects. It’s easy to find the articles or magazines by clicking magazine covers or searching the database with title keywords or author name. All magazines are updated continuously to correspond with the print editions, and many have extensive backlists available.

也许您正怀念在中国时每期必读的杂志, 也许您一直关心着有关中国的政治, 财经, 文化和时事, 也许您正鼓励您的孩子多读中文以强化他们与中国和中国文化的联系, 那么请登陆Dragonsource (龙源) - 您所有的问题和需要或许都可以在这里得到解决!

龙源数字阅读平台用简体字和繁体字向您提供丰富的综合性人文大众类期刊, 内容涵盖时政热点, 商业财经, 科学科技, 文学艺术, 教育教学, 健康养生, 娱乐时尚等领域。热门期刊如<读者>, <凤凰周刊>, <支点>, <南方人物周刊>通常与印刷版同步推出, 您既可点击杂志封面又可直接汉字搜索主题或作者查询文章和杂志。您还可根据阅读喜好和需求选择原貌版, 文本版或语音版。原貌版原版原式, 图文并茂, 绚丽多姿;文本版文章可搜索复制,支持单篇阅读; 语音版支持部分期刊在线试听和下载。

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