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Kanopy Kids is a collection of movies and shows for kids.

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Key Features

Your kids are free to explore enriching, educational and entertaining content, with movies and shows. There is a great collection with heaps of shows based on their favourite books.

Set up Parental Controls to make sure your kids are viewing age-appropriate content on Kanopy. To set Parental Controls, please click here, opens a new window. There are no Push Notifications in Kanopy Kids.

To exit, go to the drop down menu on the top right corner and select "Exit Kanopy Kids".

Kanopy does not provide the New Zealand classification ratings on individual titles. To check the NZ classification ratings for films offered by Kanopy go to the Office of Film and Literature's website to the Film and Video Labelling Body at http://www.fvlb.org.nz/nz. Documentaries are not included as they tend not to be classified.

For more information about Kanopy Kids, please visit Kanopy Kids help.

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