About the New Zealand Gazette Archive

New Zealand Gazette Archive

Access to copies of issues of the New Zealand Gazette and related publications from 1841 to the present. Available in PDF format.

Access this at any of our libraries.

The New Zealand Gazette has been the official newspaper of the New Zealand Government since 1841. To help you search the New Zealand Gazette Archive Lexis Nexis has provided a few tips and tricks to help:

  • To display search results in chronological order, click on ‘Sort by’ field and select ‘Filename’ to list Gazette issues in chronological order;
  • To increase the maximum number of documents returned in search results, select Edit - Preferences - Search - Maximum number of documents returned in Results to 5000;
  •  By clicking on the Binoculars icon you can search for keywords within each issue of the Gazette;
  •  You can search over one or more indexes but for faster searching select the index for each decade and search decade by decade;
  •  If the name is going to appear in a particular phrase, “…appointed as a member of the reserve board” put the name in its expected context to reduce the number of hits.

Each edition of the Gazette is divided into commercial and government notices, covering business proceedings, bankruptcies, land transfer notices, departmental and parliamentary notices. The New Zealand Gazette Archive contains all New Zealand Gazettes and Provincial Gazettes as well as the New Munster and New Ulster Gazettes.

New Zealand Gazette notices from 1993 are searchable at the New Zealand Gazette website.

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