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Mango Languages

An online language-learning system with access to 70 languages and 21 English language courses.

Mango provides access to over sixty languages for those wanting to learn a language from basic right through to advanced levels with grammar and cultural notes. You can create your own free profile account to track your progress or go straight into learning a language.

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Each lesson covers all four key language components for those learning a foreign language or English as a second language:

Focus on words and phrases that will be the most valuable in common, real-life situations.
Audio is recorded by native speakers, giving users the best possible model for their own pronunciation. A voice comparison tool allows users to speak into a microphone, see a visual representation of their pronunciation compared to the narrator’s, and adjust until they are as close as possible.
Using semantic color mapping, literal translations, grammar notes and critical thinking exercises, users are able to easily identify and recognize linguistic patterns.
Mango integrates cultural insight into every lesson, ensuring an understanding of the customs and etiquette of the people they want to communicate with.

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Can I use the Mango app?

To use the Mango app, you will just have to create a Mango profile first through the library's Mango website.

Mango is available both as an Android app or iOS app (for iPhone, iPod touch or iPad).

Mango Languages

Mango Languages

Mango is an online language learning system that can help you learn the most popular languages in the world.
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