About New Zealand Geographic Archive

New Zealand Geographic Archive

Magazine that celebrates New Zealand's people, places and wildlife. Also includes NZGeo TV which contains hundreds of hours of natural history video.

New Zealand Geographic Archive provides award winning local content covering the entire New Zealand realm – from the Antarctic Dependency to Pacific territories, and beyond. This eResource contains:

  • Stories: search articles from the entire archive of New Zealand Geographic Magazine which includes a rich array of local content on New Zealand places, people, wildlife and environment;
  • Video: as part of a joint venture with Dunedin’s legendary production house Natural History New Zealand (formerly the Natural History Unit), this section provides a variety of high definition videos on natural history. Titles range from 2 minute short films such as Tongue biters – about a parasitic crustacean that latches onto the tongue of fish, to multi part series of one hour documentaries such as Footsteps in the Sky – the history of climbing Mount Cook.

This archive has taken over five years to bring together with more than 130 magazines dating back to1989 having to be digitised. The archive is text-searchable and contains wonderful New Zealand content including more than 2,000 stories of original writing and photography commissioned by three award winning editors over the magazine's 25 year history. New content is added every two months.

NZ Geographic

New Zealand Geographic Archive

Over 600 in-depth features about natural history and culture. Includes NZGeo TV which contains hundreds of hours of natural history video.
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