About NoveList Plus

NoveList Plus

Reading recommendations, to help you find your next great read. Find reads based on your favourite author, book or genre, recommendations for children, teens and adults.

The NoveList Plus database connects readers to their next book by making recommendations for what to read next.  Select the age group you want to read, Adults, Teen, ages 9-12 or ages 0-8 .


This feature suggests titles that are ‘just like’ other titles. If you’ve just finished a great book, log into NoveList Plus and find great read-alikes. There are also read-alikes for authors and series.

Appeal mixer

Find books based on the type of characters, pace or tone, storyline or writing style, you can even find books based on illustration style. Do you like books that are Intricately plotted and sardonic or conversational and engaging?

Lists & Reviews

NoveList Plus contains lists of recommended reads and award-winning books. It covers both fiction and nonfiction titles for all ages from the youngest readers to adults. It also has extra content like reviews (both professional reviews and reader reviews), book discussion guides, curriculum guides, and other book-oriented articles. Book groups and teachers find these resources especially helpful.


Audiobook recommendations are a recent addition to NoveList Plus. When you want to find the perfect listening experience – whether that means short, long, for the whole family, a specific narrator – this service will help you find lots of suggestions. Sound clips are included so you can get a preview.

NoveList Plus

NoveList Plus

Find new authors & reading options using your favourite writer, book or genre as a starting point. Your next great read is just clicks away.
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