Reasons to leave the house: Lindy West edition

Who is Lindy West and why should you venture out of the house on the very inauspicious date of Friday the 13th (of March) to hear her talk? UPDATE: WORD Christchurch has announced that Lindy West's Australia and New Zealand appearances have been cancelled.

A few reasons:

  1. She is an American writer and she is straight-up hilarious. I have read her first book of personal essays, Shrill, and legit "snort-laughed" in a great many places, which means it's now on my list of Books not to be read on the bus, the highest compliment that I can bestow with regards to humorous writing. See also my other list Feminist killjoys (title is ironic).
  2. The term "body positivity" gets thrown around quite a lot these days but West's take on it is unapologetic, personal, and of course, humorous. If watching Lizzo music videos on high-rotate is your current vibe (and if not, why not?) then you'll get similar feelings of solidarity and affirmation from Ms West.
  3. This event is at Tūranga (only one of the best libraries on the planet) and you can hit Imagination Station's LEGO pits afterwards for a little wholesome, grown-up creative time.
  4. Being a WORD Christchurch event, it is very reasonably priced at $20
  5. If you're someone who likes things that work "thematically" it's the perfect Friday the 13th event - West's latest book is called The witches are coming (please, please someone come to this event dressed as a witch, I beg of you).
  6. If the revelations of #MeToo have given you pause for thought (and again - if not, why not?), this event may well be the galvanising, cultural critique you've been looking for.

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