Bullying is intimidation — it can take many forms and happens in lots of places. It’s never OK, its not your fault and there are things that you can do to stop it.

Books & resources about bullying

There are some good web sites that offer solid advice on things that you can do to stop bullies, but first here are the basics:

  • ignore them / walk away — often bullying is just to get attention. If you can ignore or avoid them they don’t get the attention that they’re after
  • calmly tell them to stop — try not to shout or get aggressive — that just gets them more attention
  • tell an adult — preferably someone in a position to take some action
  • be a friend — if you see someone else being bullied try to stop it. Its harder for bullies to pick on people who have the support of a group. Tell the victim it is not their fault and encourage them to talk to a trusted adult.

Bullying can take many forms, from name calling or spreading lies to physical or written abuse. It can also include coercion — making someone do something they don’t want to do and exclusion of particular individuals.

Cyber bullying and online safety

Netsafe is New Zealand’s independent, non-profit online safety organisation. It provides online safety help, support, expertise and education to people in New Zealand.

Netsafe has useful information for young people on topics like:

Helpful websites

Pink Shirt Day
“Kōrero Mai, Kōrero Atu, Mauri Tū, Mauri Ora – Speak Up, Stand Together, Stop Bullying!

0800 What's Up
Information and advice on bullying and cyber bullying.

Bullying in New Zealand Schools
Information from Bullying Free NZ.

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