Hoake ki te Taiao City Nature Challenge

Hoake ki te Taiao City Nature Challenge

Help put Ōtautahi Christchurch's biodiversity on the map! Take part and record as many species possible.

iNaturalist workshops

iNaturalist NZ - Aotearoa's Natural World: Tūranga, part of a series

Want to join the City Nature Challenge? Learn to use the iNaturalist app & identify & investigate plants and insects all around you!

iNaturalist NZ 101: City Nature Challenge: Te Hāpua Halswell

Apr 20th | 9:30am - 10:30am
Entomologist | urban naturalist | bug hotelier Rob Cruickshank will lead you through the basics of iNaturallist in a 1 hour workshop.

iNaturalist 101 in Mandarin: City Nature Challenge Te Hāpua

Apr 20th | 11:30am - 12:30pm
Entomologist | urban naturalist | bug hotelier Rob Cruickshank will lead you through the basics of iNaturallist in a 1 hour workshop.

Observing the Natural World

16, 18, 22 & 24 April
Selected libraries
Drop in to see live stick insects, cool museum specimens, sea creatures and learn about the City Nature Challenge with Dr Morgane Merien.

Get involved!

Information from iNaturalist NZ
From 26–29 April, join us as we make as many observations of as many species as we can from the Christchurch District (including the central city, suburbs, and Banks Peninsula), and upload them all to iNaturalist.NZ.

iNaturalist NZ – Mātaki Taiao
The place where you you can record what you see in New Zealand nature, meet other nature watchers, and learn about Aotearoa's natural world.

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City Nature Challenge 2024: Ōtautahi/Christchurch

Participation is easy and free! Download the iNaturalist app to your mobile device:

Use the app to upload photos of organisms to iNaturalist NZ, and the friendly iNaturalist NZ community will help you identify them. It's as simple as that! You can also add observations straight to iNaturalist.NZ on the web if you prefer.

Follow these four easy steps:

  1. Grab your smart phone with the free iNaturalist app installed, or grab your camera
  2. Find some nature - a species of anything, whether you know it or not, from our hilltops to gardens to beaches.
  3. Take a picture.
  4. Share your findings on the iNaturalist app or upload them to the iNaturalist NZ website.

Observations for the 2024 global City Nature Challenge competition need to be made between the start of Friday 26 April and the end of Mon 29 April. After that, everyone with some nature expertise will get stuck in identifying the species, up to 5 May, with the global results being announced on 6 May.

You can watch what all participating New Zealand cities are finding at the Aotearoa-New Zealand City Nature Challenge 2024 page. Go global and see what is being found in cities around the world, and how NZ cities are doing in the global competition, at the global City Nature Challenge 2024 page.




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About the City Nature Challenge (CNC)

The City Nature Challenge (CNC) started in 2016 as a competition between Los Angeles and San Francisco. It has grown into an international event, motivating people around the world to find and document wildlife in their own cities.

Run by the Community Science teams at the California Academy of Sciences and the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County (NHM), the CNC is an annual four-day global bioblitz at the end of April, where cities are in a collaboration-meets-friendly-competition to see what can be accomplished when we all work toward a common goal.

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