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A digital reference collection that includes eBooks on every subject for all ages.

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Key features

Credo Reference is a curated collection containing full text, citable, general reference content for researchers of any level. With millions of full text articles, hundreds of thousands of images, thousands of videos & animations taken from over 800 e-books. Find business, health, science & humanities content for ages 10 and up.

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More information

Credo has some useful interactive features such as.

  • Credo's Mind Map visually shows relationships between topics
  • Topic Pages offer an easy starting point and pathways for further research
  • 700+ highly-regarded titles alongside thousands of easily searchable images, audio files, and videos
  • A multilingual interface that can be changed to Chinese, French, Spanish, Arabic and Polish;
  • Applications that allow you to print articles as PDFs, bookmark, save and share entries using email, Twitter and Facebook;
  • Citation management – export saved results to the your tool of choice, such as EndNote.
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